Need some inspiration on how to get the most out of your backly links? Well you’ve come to the right place .

From getting more traffic back to your own site, collecting more emails, firing pixels or having extra facebook likes here’s some of the top ways people are using the backly link shortening service to get more out of their social sharing.

Remember: the example messages below can be placed on all links you want to share (not just your own content!).

  • Promote your own chat bot
    I’m sure by now you’ve heard about chatbots and the value it can bring to your business but like with most things online you can’t just build something and expect people to find it.

    If you’re already sharing on facebook and have created a messenger bot then why not just share content with your own backly message inside prompting your readers to try out your bot.

    Since they’re already on the same platform opt in rates are likely to be a lot higher + you won’t have to promote your bot elsewhere to get it growing.
  • Be more personal with a backly video message
    You can embed a video directly into one of your messages and have your readers view it before clicking on your call to action.

    If you’re already using video for other parts of your marketing funnel then give this a go and see how it converts.

    With the right video (plus the right audience 😉), you should see a big improvement in your click through rates plus higher conversion rates on your site.
  • Create a call to action to your sales pages
    Instead of spamming your social media accounts with your own offers (and ultimately have no one see them anyway!), just keep sharing great relevant content with your backly message linking directly to your sales pages.

    This way you can continue to grow your following and maintain a higher reach whilst still getting exposure to your main money pages.

    Bonus tip: you can include retargeting pixels with this message type to show remarketing ads to anyone who has seen your offer.
  • Add retargeting pixels to the content you share
    With all the different styles of messages you can create along with the different places you can send your readers, you can add your own retargeting pixels to them all!

    You can follow up again with these warmer audiences by advertising to them based on the messages they’ve already seen (our users see a lower cost per conversion to these audiences and best of all you can grow them quickly!).

    If you just want to grow your pixels and create custom audiences without showing a message at all, then you can do that too by using a pure redirect message, which will fire any retargeting code first and then serve up the original content being shared.
  • Link to an affiliate offer
    Don’t have your own website yet to drive traffic to? No problem 😎, you can still get value out of us by creating your messages with links to affiliate offers.

    Just grab your own unique affiliate link and use it as your destination url for your call to action.

    Now you can start promoting an offer with every link whilst giving value first to your readers.

    P.S. Can’t think of anything to promote? Feel free to check out our own affiliate program! 😊
  • Get more likes to your facebook page
    Looking to get more reach on facebook with your updates? Or maybe you’ve just started a brand new facebook page and want to start growing it with real followers.

    Despite what you may have read sharing on facebook can still go a long way to driving traffic to your posts, and with more likes you’ll be able to get even more.

    To get started you can use the backly facebook like button as the call to action on your messages and begin growing your followers with every piece of curated content shared.

    With this type of message our users have seen over 200% more facebook likes each week!
  • Get more email subscribers
    You can collect emails directly in all your messages by selecting the email capture form as the call to action.

    The 2-step opt-in form has been battle tested to work on all devices and optimized for the highest conversion rates.

    Bonus tip: Be sure to include the main benefits of why your readers should sign up to your mailing list, you could even include a specific incentive for signing up to begin with such as a guide or free download.
  • Drive traffic to your own site
    Got a new article you want to drive readers to? Or a key page you want more exposure for, maybe just your homepage for now - well you can simply create a backly message linking to all these pages and start getting more traffic to them from the other pieces of content you’re sharing.

    For the best results make sure your message is relevant to the type of content you're sharing and include the same style of text as you would for an email subject line.

    This’ll give you the highest click through rates and compel your readers to ultimately convert on your site.

There’s plenty of other ways you can use our link shortening service to help your business grow. You can even use your own custom code to create something completely unique for yourself but the above examples should give you something to start with.

Tried any of the above messages? Or got some other ideas on how you’re using backly? Let me know in the comments below!


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